Off to a Great Start!

Since we launched Our Parents’ Bones last November, we’ve been excited by the great support and feedback we’ve received from those who share our desire to find the remains of our Disappeared mothers and fathers and bring closure to our families.

We’re expecting to make great strides in 2015 in increasing awareness on this important issue and expanding our network of sons, daughters, grandchildren and other relatives who want to know what happened to their loved ones.

We held the first Finding the 10,000 event on February 6, where members of the Marin Interfaith community, School of Americas Watch and others learned about ways they can join our efforts. We also produced a report on the current obstacles encountered by relatives of the Disappeared in El Salvador through the Attorney General’s office and other government institutions. The Mauricio Aquino Foundation submitted this report to the United Nations Working Group on Forced and Involuntary Disappearances in early February.

Our work has just begun and your continued support is crucial. There are three things you can do right now to help us get the word out and to help expand our coalition:

  1. Send this web page to anyone you know who may have lost relatives in the Salvadoran Civil War – and in particular to any families and friends of the Disappeared. We want to hear from these individuals so we can help share their stories and find answers.
  2. Help organize a Finding the 10,000 house event in your community. We’ll be embarking on a nationwide outreach effort to share the stories of the Disappeared and educate people on our campaign. If you are interested in helping us put together an event in your area, please contact us at We would provide you with a few materials and tips to help your event be a success!
  3. Donate today. Your monetary contribution will help us host more events, print materials and publicize our campaign. You can donate securely online here.

Thank you again for your help and we look forward to continuing to update you on this important issue over the coming months. Finding answers about our Disappeared parents starts with us coming together today.